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Toothless and astrid mating fanfiction

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A loud and thunderous roar cried out through the sky as Toothless gave voice to his orgasmic pleasure. However she found out that he enjoyed the show so much, his dragon member was enormously hard and much biggeer, then Hiccup's. Tiffany hartford nude. Instantly she lay completely prostrate before the god of Valhalla who rolled his eyes at her behavior.

He rutted me like a beast for minutes on end, only ever pausing to change the pace and catch me by surprise to force a moan or gasp. Astrid giggled again and blushed, feeling proud of herself that she was making a dangerous dragon like a Night Fury purr.

He moved forward and started licking her breast again. Toothless and astrid mating fanfiction. Then again there was something distinctly familiar about this boy. As she tried to position herself even better, Toothless decides to take it up to his own paw. She looked over and noticed some round bumps emerging from under the scales of Stormflys belly.

M rated for a reason see warning inside. She began sliding her breasts up and down along his pole. He was thrusting quickly moving faster and faster. Phat girlz ass. Hiccup on the other hand, was on the cliffs looking for a dragon to fire his new machine at. Don't forget to leave a comment if you liked it! He seemed unstable. It was damaged with scrapes and blood covering the membranes from cuts here and there. They dumped their loads strait into her womb. It's a continuation from Dragon in the barn.

I lay in the sun, amongst the long lush blades of grass, basking as I dry. Her ass pointing towards the dragon, whose cock was beginning to harden.

Toothless and astrid mating fanfiction

He murred and groaned in passionate pleasure, unable to shake off the feeling off cumming like he never cummed before. We're here for your benefit, not mine. Just run. Stoick couldn't fathom the whole concept of beast mutually existing between humans but its happening. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Toothless fucked harder, faster… rougher… and it all boils down to one moment of pure enjoyment… Oh yeah! Astrid should be furious, she should want to beat this dragon to a pulp, but she can't bring herself to do that, instead she turns and leaves the cove, ignoring the sorrow filled warble the dragon emits. Lesbian nurse exam. She nodded in understanding and rubbed herself against me once more.

Astrid jerked as her cherry was popped. Thank Thor. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

She groaned, feeling him push into her tight hole. He stared up in awe and wonder at her bouncy breasts. It was messing with her body causing her to produce milk.

Trees shook, ground trembled, the sky sent into a whirlpool of confusion; it was so powerful that the very earth acknowledged his need.

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He was filling me up Claws extended over and started clawing at the thickest tree that he could find.

Actually, it's more of a peeping Hiccup but who cares that, right? Toothless and Hiccup have never risen higher, but why does Toothless seem like he has nothing? Feel like his leg was your fault? Amazed by my own excitement, I couldn't believe the thrill I felt! Scream at me. Story Author. Free pregnant galleries. Toothless and astrid mating fanfiction. Tootles and Hiccup Moment.

He wasn't that particularly hungry for that matter and there were a lot of thing running around his head, especially about what happened last night. It's beautiful. Growling and panting softly, he slowly dragged his cock from it's place inside me and as his tip popped free of my hole, a small river of cum poured after it. Her whole body started to squirm from all the pleasure, her legs were shaking, she was in ecstasy.

Once again I was left on the ground panting, realizing what we'd just done and it… excited me, my chested tightening at the thought, I was married and despite that another male just layed me. She was in immense pain. Hiccup gave a toothy grin and hugged his father as tightly as he could. Just In All Stories: Will smiled.

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Letting out a soft gasp, my fingers slid over my folds, grazing my sensitive clit. Big ass ebony milf pics. Astrid choked back a sob.

She still couldn't put all the length of his dick in her mouth, but suddenly Hiccup took her head and helped her a bit. Hiccup felt Toothless' tip poke his entrance and cried out, giving his final struggle. Toothless, the mighty night fury, had snuck up upon Astrid and overpowered her down. His tongue grazed on to her shirt and nipped by the side, tearing away that flimsy Viking shirt. I needed this, a release, an out for all those emotions and frustrations wrapped within my marriage.

Had seen his hand slide down the throat of the JubJub Bird… Lost a few toes on his left foot during the hunting of the legendary Snark. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Xxxx big black ass. Reaching down, my fingers cupped his large balls, rolling them gently as I teased and massaged them. Are you sure? I let out a soft moan, happily. It was true. Taking his paw off Astrid's mouth, the girl tried to call for help, but the dragon quickly angled the girls head, and shoved the tip of his dick into her mouth.

Out of the Tulgey Wood chapter 5: Not to say that she's much of a virgin but she's been along the trail before. Toothess' thrusts grew with speed and intensity as his member pressed against Hiccup's prostate which gave the boy beneath him a surprising amount of pleasure.

Mother knows best Chapter 3: The dragon above lets out it's own trills of pleasure, gently thrusting forward, as Astrid takes the member into her mouth, taking nearly the length of the member before gagging slightly.

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