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I must give him his credit too, cause when his character goes through his complications and confusion, this actor played the role very convincingly.

Hot and arousing brunette Sunny Leone plays with her nookie. Japanese lesbian armpit. If the director wanted to suggest a sex scene, they would include a shot of a bedside lamp going dark. It is more than just another 'booby' trap of a film. Soft eroticism is just a code word for soft core porn. Sex scene of jism 2. This poster easily created the curiosity among audience. Back to present The rest is a foolhardily story of cat and mouse game, melodrama, long boring dialogs and never ending twists.

And lots of it. When Kabir kisses her before their separation, Izna shoots him in the stomach, upon which Kabir immediately dies. Archived from the original on 2 December Its chief selling point: To be real a man and woman have to go nude, if you want family drama go watch Disney movie. Her still pictures look good but she wasn't erotic in the this movie. Self bondage stories. Pooja Bhatt should stop directing films and concentrate on promotional videos for resorts and spa.

Overall, JISM 2 is surely one of the weakest movies from the Bhatt camp and maybe the most silly one too. We are now moving towards bold acts which include love making scenes, going semi-nude and bold dialogues," he said, adding: Unfortunately everybody have his own justification of doing the things, right or wrong, irrespective of which side of law they are.

A porn star Sunny Leone is hired by a dashing intelligence officer Arunoday Singh to become a 'Honey-trap' for a dreaded assassin Randeep Hooda. Sunny Leone in closeup lesbian action. She is hired by an intelligence officer, Arunoday, who sleeps with her first, kind of like a 'test the goods' sort of thingfor a dangerous mission. Bhatt, Jism 2's director, said she wanted to present a woman as a sexual being "and not just a plaything for men's sexual pleasure". As publicized in its promos the Cinematography gracefully adds to the soft-porn feel of the movie along with its OK background score.

The rogue cop, completely smitten by the temptress, sums up his feelings for the woman who's been sent to trap him by comparing her to a solitary tree in a desert.

Arunoday Singh as good until he has to speak, scream or show some emotional range. Jism 2 received mixed to negative reviews from critics. The film starts with Sunny Leone going to a party where Arunoday gazes at her, sleeps with her and in the morning reveals the plan This scene itself with hideous dialogs, hideous overacting, pouting and then the scene that follows where Arif Jackeria reveals the plan like a theater act will make it for the best comedy scenes this year.

Sign in. No holds bar!! Sunny Leone offers a world class performance in this scene. Official Jism 2 poster. Google tube 8. It "probably did more to make middle India less homophobic than all the gay parades of the world" said Shoma Chaudhury from Tehelka magazine.

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Jism-2 offers several surprises, foremost being Leone's performance. Pornhub bi sexual. Yes the girl in the movie is not the brightest of the stars, however she is not so bad either for her first Bollywood movie! It is the horse whisperer. Rest dialogues are reflecting the dialogues writers personal things without thinking about the character. Most popular. On Tuesday activists in Punjab from a group called Bhagwan Valmiki Shakti Sena burned effigies of Leone and her female director, Pooja Bhatt — who, in her previous life as an actor was one of the first Bollywood stars to kiss on screen.

Izna started loving Kabir and followed him home, handing him a love letter written in her own blood. The police don't think of just getting a warrant or something, or why the dude would just keep his stuff lying around, but whatever, people wanna see Sunny's tits!

Sunny Leone offers a world class performance in this scene. Sunny Leone fingering her pussy by the piano. The potters' club subconsciously shaping and shifting the Indian mind.

Shot in Sri Lanka, the resort in heavenly. Jamie Valentine n Sophia Leone hot trio. Mormon lesbian sex. Sex scene of jism 2. The agency asks her to use her amorous to take out in-depth information of the terrorist organization kept on his computer. In this context I would like to remind both Pooja Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt that please don't treat the audience as dumb minded people who would just applaud anything served by you in the name of SEX.

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The very next day, he writes "Sorry" on her window in his blood but flees as soon as a phone call comes. Kabir asks Sumit to arrange for a priest for the marriage, who accidentally reads an SMS to Aayan on Izna's phone, which proved she was a spy. They tried to highlight the love for body with a soul.

Even my wife enjoyed it. Sign in to vote. Performance wise Randip Hooda is good in anger but funny in emotional scenes. Creative people are a bit mad and dint really go by what market enjoys. Horny mature lesbians. In the past she had been the inamorata of this criminal and deserted by him.

I recently read that after working in it, Sunny Leone was thinking of leaving the porn industry to pursue a dedicated career in Indian films. Kabir, who still trusts Izna, had never had reason for suspicion of her; not so with his trusted friend Sumit, who suspects her and warns Kabir about her. Surprisingly, Jism-2 hovers over sex, like a butterfly gliding across one of the many water pools the movie features.

Simply Outstanding. And as far as direction is concerned Pooja Bhatt should stick to producing films and avoid directing them for the sake of her own banner. Retrieved 5 August Pooja Bhatt who didn't do much as an actress mostly starred in dad's films as a producer she managed to get a hit JISM which was quite shocking those days in Sunny Leone Nice Boobs. Unlike what they say, it is not a bad movie, in certain aspects it is brilliant.

Jism 2 is an Bollywood erotic thriller film directed by Pooja Bhatt. I obviously kinda suspected what was going to happen towards the end however the way it was all put together and how the story came through was quite impressive!! Izna agrees to this. The rogue cop, completely smitten by the temptress, sums up his feelings for the woman who's been sent to trap him by comparing her to a solitary tree in a desert.

Debutant composer Dr Arka Pravo Mukherjee's sufi inspired unlike Pritam's plagiarism music was all treat to the ear. Sunny Leone wearing fishnet. Izna sends a letter to Kabir telling him that she wants to meet him, and Kabir leaves his house. Sidney in hardcore sex scene in a hot pick up sex vid.

I think we have enough porn in the world. The shots of camera were there only for titillation with beautiful locales and not-so-zoomed camera angles to camouflage the intentions.

Bhatt films are normally films with good stories, ample sex, shock value and hit music but that is Vishesh films.

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