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Lets take a moment to wish our friends in Texas some good luck. I actually think he might have made a better romantic lead, than Dane -- who was somehow off-putting.

New Posts. Giigi trophy wife. This movie is for mature viewers, that I agree with, but it is not one of the worst movies of As mentioned beforeLen Wiseman did the right thing and added a three-boobed hooker into the Colin Farrell-starring remake, one played by Kaitlyn Leeb.

Well, you may get some laughs, it is not bad but it is not good; that means it is just an average movie. I remember that movie: Alba is decent at the comedy. Good luck chuck three boobs. Forgive me. This is the unfortunate flipside to what might have otherwise been an amenable romantic comedy: Unrated" edition DVD boasts "over 35 minutes of footage too outrageous for theaters!

The blackout-sketch structure -- plus the cast of familiar faces spun into absurd or satirical situations, the collegiate sexual and literate humor there's a Jonathan Lethem joke! The way the script makes her constantly trip all over everything is another excruciating aspect of this film. This is a raunchy comedy and on that point it delivers what it said it would. You need to login to do this.

Imagine Manos: How much lower can Hill go? There's not much left to say about 's worst reviewed big-money, high-profile punch in the face. Free pictures of hairy naked women. Most Views. Yes, it's inept, boorish, insulting, adolescent, ugly, brain-dead, tired, desperate, and another head-to-desk groan for the likable Jessica Alba.

You even have the two horny buddies Dane Cook as Chuck, and Dan Fogler as his even hornier plastic-surgeon buddy. I mean, the movie opened with a topless girl giving him oral sex on the beach! Existing questions. Unlike the adult comedies we've seen recently, this movie tries much too hard to earn the "R" rating, and it only takes away from its appeal. Can I finally have some food if I do?

I honestly do not see this at all. In the middle of the crisis he meets a beautiful penguin expert Cam Jessica Alba whom instantly brings out the best in him. This movie marks, bar none, the greatest departure I have ever come across between the response from both professional and IMDb critics and my own personal opinion.

Name 10 favorite childhood movies? It's not really that tough. Thanks for all of your research and persistence in helping us navigate through stormy waters.

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At least that part was believable, even if the romance felt totally contrived. Leaked nude girls. Sponsored Links. Peepli Live Image Entertainment Wedding Daze a. The curse causes any woman Charlie sleeps with to find their soul mate in the next man they meet. This movie. Featured Life. She has to quit doing these downmarket modern-day B-movies.

The page you're trying to access: It was original, it was funny! And most importantly, she never had to co-star opposite Dane Cook. How and why he came about directing a movie as inferior as Good Luck Chuck is anybody's guess. Good luck chuck three boobs. When the local ladies find out about this, Chuck gets a lot of action, but then — after a long, split-screen montage of his priapic exertions — he starts to feel empty and used.

Don't get penis-y! In a previous era, this would be a disc that year-old males hid from their moms with the magazines under the mattress. Beauty full girl fucking. In between, though, this movie was a snoozefest. Don't have your phone? The movie is about this guy Chuck who has a hex placed on him when he is ten years old by some creepy girl who got spurned by him. The cleavage-assisted Zoom Boom Room sign appears three and a half minutes into the movie, right after this:.

Due to her three mammaries, there is some speculation that she may be a Draylaxian, a species known to have three breasts. By Rodneyae in forum Polaris Open Discussion. Jessica Alba - Good Luck Chuck Made inGood Luck Chuck is the story of Chuck Dane Cooka dentist who gets cursed by his school mate about never finding true love in life during a game in his childhood. The post will then be hidden like this.

Blue Harvest can't tell Sith from Shinola. Hank Chen. Milf asshole videos. Chuck is just a goofball, a total loser. Good Luck Chuck — in this film, lots of women want to sleep with Dane Cook for some contrived and difficult-to-explain reason. Good Luck Chuck oh man you guys have to see the unrated version. Not a free member yet? I can assure you this is not a script written by sane minds at work. So all he does is sleep with women beyond, before and after his working hours.

I used to think Jessica Alba was turning into the Raquel Welch of the 21st century, another babe who wasted her talent and sex appeal on one bikini-bimbo cheesy film role after another. Whoa, feel the Force flowing through it! This "heartwarming" adaptation of a book by Christian novelist Beverly Lewis will probably find a welcome reception among the nominal "family values" audience, but they deserve "nice" and "decent" movies that offer more engaging and challenging fare than this draggy, transparently sentimental, obvious, by-the-numbers fable about "lifestyle priorities.

Worse than that, this movie was a sleazy waste of time. Justin McConnell. Deer wearing wigs. Anyone have any good luck with using Tiny Tach? But Raquel had a much better career than this. More a piece of performance art than a movie, The Ten is the very definition of "hit or miss.

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Most cum in pussy It simple reiterates the premise over and over again until the viewer is losing their will to live or at least keep their eyes open. After seeing it I went on IMDb to see what other people have said.
Christina applegate lesbian Looks like this movie has already bombed, which is great because it hopefully gets us one step closer to a Dane-free world. Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box. To his credit, Cook parlays his personal charisma into a believable and pretty funny on-screen character.
Melissa rothstein naked Instead, it tries much too hard to be like Old School, Wedding Crashers, Year-Old Virgin, and other R-comedies that have helmed a good amount of money. In fact, I was cheering for him NOT to get the girl in this flick, because this guy was such an idiot. How much lower can Hill go?
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