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No-Test Crew This post was a calculated work of fiction Another log.

Home Help Login Register. Strip Pong Jenna Jay. Mature milf over 30. Olympia FinalsOrleans ArenaSandowtop tenweights. You knew it was going to happen. Kai greene strip. You have to let the global consciousness penetrate you with knowledge let its power permeate through you.

Did I mention that was about the only think Kai got off his lazy ass for? Post a comment! Pretty teen strip dancing on webcam. Rose Monroe gets fucked by Peter green on the sofa. You may unsubscribe at any time. Less risk than taking it up the butt with a condom, but half the risk of fucking other people with condoms.

I don't know him personally or can be a judge of his character. Dakota skye xnxx. He mad Kai made it and he didn't? BantamBasher Facebook page but why??? If you are unfamiliar with this drama, Kai Greene has consistently placed 2nd in the Mr. They are a way of discovering the universe. December 11, Nobody outside bodybuilding cares about bodybuilding, so lets stop seeking for approval like a bunch of sad insecure bitches and be ourselves, give the title to whoever fcking deserves it.

Will def be interesting to see how he comes into the O this year. Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. But yes, it is weird. Competitive Bodybuilding, Misc.

Enhanced Exclusive Clip: December 12, He kinda hints to it in generation iron. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. That's because nobody gives a fuck about the Harrison twins. Will He Take the Sandow? Greene became an exotic dancer and posed for a number of pornographic sites catering to gay men.

That's why I baited u too. Thankfully, a lone light of reason glimmered toward the end of page 1 to tell this guy how fucking stupid he was if that offer was even remotely real, but several people thought rejecting the work was legitimately principled. Granted, many of those sentences concern either the mechanics of lifting heavy things or plugging the various supplements for which Cutler is spokesman, but then this is the sport of bodybuilding and not the National Poetry Championships.

Phil Heath 2:

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Stripped Down and Lesbian Sex. Home Help Login Register. Beeg long movies. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Damn, if that qualifies a man as not being lazy, you can sign every homeless man up for the hard work ethic of the year award.

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Having never before seen that video, I'm not proud to say that I watched it for way, way longer than scientifically necessary. Kai greene strip. The guy never had any drive to pursue a normal career and his lack of a personality made him pursue bodybuilding where he did not have to interact with anybody, instead he could just lift and eat and keep to himself.

Phil Heath at the Mr. He definitely is on of the few athletes this year to have a chance. There is a video of him dancing at a Go Go Club jumping off stage to get head by some gay guy and enjoying it like crazy, Kai had the biggest smile on his face.

But its correct to say that Phil is a better poster boy for the sport as a whole, plus his physique is much more appealing to most than Kai's IMO. This post originally appeared at alfredmacdonald. Want to add to the discussion? Ronny Rockel BantamBasher Facebook page but why???

One of his most impressive feats has been a third place showing in the Mr. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sophie monk upskirt. People get Ph. Olympia FinalsOrleans ArenaSandowtop tenweights. April 4, Kai Greene, USA. Judging from statements made by Greene in a MuscleMeds video diary not much has changed: Get our newsletter every Friday!

Cookie Policy. After a Strip Poker. Image Credit: I spent 20 minutes watching that, but it felt like Like many students Greene found himself desperately casting about for ways to pay the bills and his physique opened doors that would be closed to many. Ivette blanche nude pics. Brooklyn, NY. The Comeback Diaries Gaspari: It found that amongst men in high-income countries, unprotected anal intercourse with an HIV-positive insertive partner carried an estimated 0.

This is true and I'm about to prove it Another issue is that when Kai did make it big, I feel outer pressures were keeping him in the situation he had lived all these years. And for the record: Check out some Ed Corney vids.

I'm ashamed. Don't devalue opinions and experience by dismissing them as "broscience". I would. Bodybuilders are supposed to represent strength and masculinity — being gay does not fit the definition.

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Milf tits twitter You are downplaying the equivalent of thousands of dollars and months of work at WalMart for a few hours of work. I know most people on this site are aethists and prolly get pissed when i go all religious
Hate fuck xxx Taking a dick up your ass would be a good time investment. Oh, and the fatality rate of fucking a grapefruit is 0. Nobody judges sly, they all say he was broke and did what he had to do
Kate middleton fake nude pics I am pretty sure he was at some point a professional dancer if you consider strippers as dancers. I am completely against living off the government, but Kai has seen his successes in bodybuilding today and is no longer cheating the system.

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